Biography and Mission Statement

After graduating from the University of Arizona's illustration program in 2005, I spent three years working in animation in Los Angeles. In 2008, I left the animation industry to learn to tattoo from Philip Felix at Red Sky Studio, a custom tattoo shop and art gallery in downtown Tucson, AZ. Philip has always been supportive and encouraging of my endeavors since day one, and I’m grateful to have started my career at Red Sky Studio. I developed my skills here as a tattoo artist for three years, then moved on to open my own tattoo studio in the historic warehouse arts district of downtown Tucson in 2012.

Tattooing has given me a meaningful place in society, and a fulfilling way to use my artistic skills. I feel that my job is important because our culture today doesn't seem to provide us with many rituals to commemorate our unique identities without commercial influence. Everywhere we go we are being sold something. What does it tell us that an advertisement, encouraging us to “be unique and buy this product”, is speaking to millions of people at once? We’re surrounded by scams, ironically alluring us with the promise of individuality. My job allows me to work on a genuinely individual basis with people I care about in a town I care about, by providing a safe and meaningful ritual for my clients with quality artwork that is truly unique to each person. It’s an honor and a pleasure to make this my career.

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