Anyone can be a tattoo artist. Anyone can order a machine, dip a needle in a cup of ink, draw on you with it, and even charge you money for it. A good tattoo artist not only cares about their work but cares about your experience. To be a good tattoo artist, I have to remember that every time someone sits in my seat, I am hosting a ritual that is painful, permanent, expensive, and scary. Itís important to me that my clients are comfortable, which means it is necessary to be as thorough as possible when reviewing every aspect that must be considered in the process of choosing a tattoo artist. I encourage everyone to do their research and ask questions about both the quality of the artwork and the professionalism of the artist and their workspace. In addition to the essentials for a clean and safe busisness, I offer a private studio that is not open to the public, a rush-free experience since I typically only book one client a day, and a chance to participate in the process of designing your tattoo.

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Located in the Metal Arts Village of Tucson, AZ.† APPOINTMENT ONLY.