The Process of Getting a Custom Tattoo


Consultations are always free and you are never under any obligation to commit to a tattoo unless you are sure you want it. During a consultation, youíll be able to check out my studio and ask any questions you may have, and weíll discuss ideas for your tattoo. The goal of a consultation is to make sure we end up on the same page. This is a team effort. For me to avoid wasting my time working on drawings you might not like, and for you to avoid owing me a new drawing deposit, youíll need to come in knowing what you want and ready to communicate. Even if you are not artistic, chances are you have preferences and unfortunately Iím not psychic. Though Iím happy to exercise my own artistic license whenever possible, neither of us wants you to end up with a tattoo you didnít want. If you have print outs, photos, books, or anything else that might help me understand what youíre looking for in your tattoo, bring it with you.


After I receive your deposit, I will email you a sketch of your design 2-4 weeks before your tattoo appointment. At this point, you can let me know if we are on the right track or not. Remember, I donít want to give you a tattoo you donít want, so please donít be shy and let me know if we need to make revisions (Making revisions is different than starting over or changing your mind and will NOT require a new deposit). We can correspond as much as you like until you know you are getting what you want.

The Day of Your Tattoo Appointment

Be sure and let me know if this is your first tattoo. I will walk you through care instructions and what to expect.

Let me know if you will be late for your appointment, but try not to be early! If you show up more than 5 minutes early, I can almost guarantee I won't be ready for you. Please wait until your scheduled appointment time to knock on the door.

Some designs may require that I draw the design directly onto your skin with a pen to be tattooed, as opposed to using transfer paper, because paper doesnít always fit the contours of your body. If this is the case, I may add $50/hr for this time to the normal rate.

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